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[10 Jul 2007|08:09pm]


Make sure you've read this post first and you understand everything.

Character name:
Journal username:
Journal example entry: (This is required. Please make it substantial. We don't want an essay, but we do want more than a couple of lines. If you need a guide, have a look at this.)
Have you requested membership to the communities?: (summerinthebay, therocketclub, thebaysidediner and summerbayhigh)

All comments are screened for your privacy. Good luck!
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[10 Jul 2007|08:05pm]

Contact a Mod. All comments screened!Collapse )
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[10 Jul 2007|08:03pm]

TakenCollapse )
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[10 Jul 2007|07:40pm]

What is Summer in the Bay?

Summer in the Bay is a role play game where you can create a journal and emulate a character from the Australian Soap Home and Away. Please check the taken list before applying. If your character of choice is already in the game your application will be rejected.


This game is not first come, first serve. An example post will be required to join the community. If there's an instance where two people apply for the same character, the best writer will be chosen regardless of which application was received first. However, once you're in the game you will not be overridden unless your journal hits four weeks without an update.


- Do not apply for a character who is already active in the game, unless their journal has hit four weeks without an update.
- This one is important. Don't post in the main community summerinthebay. Post your journal entries in your own personal character journal. The same goes if you'd like to interact with other members and act out a scene. You can act out scenes any way you wish, just keep them in your journal.
- A little maturity goes a long way. Please don't mix OOC issues with storylines in the game. If you have a problem with the conduct of another member, please contact a mod.
- Be active. Four weeks without an update and you're out of the game. However, if you're removed feel free to reapply.
- Know the difference between In Character and Out of Character. Try not to mix the two. If you absolutely have to make an out of character statement please use [these brackets.]
- Deleting comments is generally not allowed, please use your own discretion.
- Please don't apply with a character who has been killed off in the show. Characters who have been written out are allowed.
- Don't have your character pregnant or married within a few days of joining the community. Your storylines are not going to be censored, but try to use a little common sense.
- If non-members of the game comment asking if you are really the celebrity behind the character you are imitating set them straight. Tell them this is just a game and you have no affiliation with the actor or Home and Away itself.
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